F# engineer, problem-solving addict, pragmatist. Most known for contributions to the WebSharper F#-to-JavaScript compiler.

I am a generalist who can contribute across the stack. I program in a style influenced by functional programming (Haskell, F#, OCaml, LISP), but use whatever tools get the job done. My specific experience is with F#, .NET and JavaScript platforms, compilers, and UI. As an Econ MA, I maintain an interest in applied statistics, and am currently exploring data science, machine learning and optimization techniques using SciPy.

At work I am a self-starter. I value life-work balance, learning advanced maths, and working with people I can learn from. Colleagues remark on the clarity of my writing and technical vision.

I currently work at Tachyus, where we create technology to optimize energy production for the oil and gas industry. Before coming to the Bay Area, I worked on WebSharper and other projects at IntelliFactory. I blog and enjoy giving talks on F#, WebShaper and functional programming. My broader interests include compiler construction, computer-assisted theorem proving, data science and statistics.


You can reach me via Twitter or .